What is Scuffed League?

Scuffed is a League of Legends amateur league. 48 teams, one team per state in the continental US (sorry Alaska and Hawaii). Seasons are in Spring, Summer, and Winter: 2 games a week, 11 weeks plus playoffs.

How Does Scuffed League Work?
Scuffed League takes the highest ranked players from each state in the US (ex: Texas) and puts them on a team, example:

We collect signups, and sort them by state, position, and rank.

At first, the best players at each position represent the team.
Then states vote on who represents their team, more on that below.

PositionSummoner NameRankLP
Summoner01Platinum II87LP
Summoner02Gold III17LP
Summoner03Platinum I98LP
Summoner04Diamond II22LP

Every team competes for 11 weeks (2 matches per week) against other teams within their region (ex: Rhode Island vs. Maine), and the best teams go onto the playoffs, where they will compete for the US Cup — or medal, or whatever.

And what happens if I’m not selected for my state’s team?”
Well, you become a manager. All games will be broadcasted on Scuffed League Twitch, and viewers from each state will get to vote on keeping or removing players from their state’s team. After all, you want your state to win, so you decide who to keep and who to cut. When a state decides to cut someone, the cut players moves down the list and a different player is voted in.

“Wait… We get to vote on keeping and cutting players when we want?”
Yes. Just because a player is highly ranked, doesn’t mean they’re the best fit for the team.

The season is 11 weeks long, 2 matches per week. So, what we do is vote every 2 weeks (4 matches) based on performance. Every 2 weeks, you will vote on player status within the team. Players who go over the cut threshold are removed and a new top player from your state is brought in.

We also take teammate input into account as well; teammates see and hear way more than we viewers do so they get weighted votes.

In the future, this “voting to keep/cut” system will also involve coaches, analysts, and on-air talent.

Don’t like pick bans the coach is doing? — Cut them.

Like a specific shoutcaster? — Keep them.

“Who can join?”
You. Yes, you reading this. What you do is go to our signup page and select your position, enter your summoner name, and click “Sign Up.” When the time comes, we’ll send you the info you need in order to play. We’ll also post the updates here, on scuffedleague.com — and to the Scuffed League Discord.

“I’m Silver II, do you think I’ll get picked?”
Honestly, this is the first season — we have no idea how many people will sign up. So I’d say you’ve got a 50/50 shot at being a starter. But remember, we vote players on/off, so your odds of playing are pretty high. Also, competition will probably be dog the first season, and some states have few entries.

As of 09/09: Average signup rank is Gold 4.

More FAQs

“I want to sign up, but I don’t know how many games I’m available for…”
Not to worry! That’s why we have Scrim Teams and tons of Substitutes. If you get picked to play and you can only make one of the two matches per week, the next person in line picks up the open matches. Now, we can’t control if the substitute plays better than you and gets more votes to stay on the team as the new starter, but even if you can’t fully commit, a partial commit is perfectly fine!

As for days of the week/game times for the season (the season starts in November), this information will be coming out in the near future. If you sign up now and then decide that you cannot make it, you can just let us know — No love lost.

“Do you already have coaches, shoutcasters, analysts, and on-air talent lined up?”
First off, thanks for reading this far. Second, we have some people who’ve expressed interest in doing some things, but we’ve finalized nothing yet. This is basically a for-fun community project my brother and I have set up, and we’re looking for help.

Think you can cast play-by-play? Want to analyze drafts? Expert at streaming on twitch and want to help run a broadcast? If you think you can do it, and have always wanted to try, join our discord and shoot us a message.

We’d love to have you building with us. And if you have any suggestions/ideas for improvement to help this thing grow into something special, shoot us an email or join our discord and chat with us there.

Ideally, we see 4 broadcasts: East, North, South, and West. I mean, super ideally, we’d have like a NFL Red Zone style as a 5th broadcast, but we’ll see how far we get. We’d have people from the West broadcast their region, East broadcast theirs, and so on.

Anyway, we’ve got a lot of stuff planned, so again, shoot us an email — we’d love to chat.

“When does Scuffed start?”
We’re kicking off Scuffed with a national tournament, every team competes, single elimination, and the winner is crowned champion of the universe (or NA or whatever). It’ll take place at the beginning of September, after NALCS Finals are over. We figure there’s nothing League-related going on except for bootcamps, so you’ll have to watch us.

Each player on the winning team gets a $20 Applebee’s gift card.

The Winter Season will start in November, after Worlds. The time between the kickoff tourney and winter season start should give states plenty of time to collab and prepare for the inaugural season.

“What do I do until then?”
Send this website to everyone you know who loves LoL and might be interested, watch scuffed LCS, hope someone competes with C9 in NA, and join our Scuffed League Discord.

We’ll update you on our tournament season opener there.

“So, it’s only 5 people from each state who compete?”
Yes and no. Each season is likely to have a cycle of the top players from each state. Plus, secondary players and subs will get scrim time. And if you perform well during scrims, you can get bumped up. So, we can’t stress this enough, sign up and you’re likely get play time.

Also, ideally, we’ll expand to more than one team per state, including creating different levels of Scuffed League. The state of NA LoL is pretty dire: we don’t have a lot of leagues for young talent to show their skills or develop.

Scuffed League is a platform that allows professional organizations to explore how young talent utilizes comms, strategy discussion, and overall mechanical performance on a “stage” setting.

“Can I signup for more than one position?”
Nope, for now you can only sign up for your main position.

I’m from California, but I live in Illinois. Which team do I join?
The one that gives you the better chance of making the team, or the one you feel deep in your plums.

Honestly, if you have some sort of a connection to a state (grew up there, live there), join that team. You don’t want to rep a state you don’t give a shit about. We’re going on the honor system for the time being, and if we see that it needs fixing, we’ll take the actions necessary.

Will you be adding Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, and Mexico?
Ideally yes. But we’re starting small… You know… 48 states. That’s small, right? We’d love to expand if people are interested enough to sign up.

I have more questions!
Cool! Shoot me an email, or just join our Discord and ask me directly; I’m listed in the “Mods” section and am on most of the time.

This’ll never work.
We don’t care. At the very worst, this was 3 weeks wasted. Keep complaining and doing nothing instead of trying something to improve the state of League in NA.

Find Your Team

You made it this far?

Did you sign up?
Seriously, sign up and play for your team.
We need at least 10 people per state.

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