Our Statement

Amateur leagues exist in countries all over the world, except for NA. It’s no wonder we fail every year at worlds, sometimes not even making it out of groups.

The same pros hold the same positions for years, and it’s not because there isn’t talent, but because there’s nowhere to discover/develop it.

The investment for organizations is too large to take a risk on new, younger players, and SoloQ is too volatile to really judge long-term, consistent performance.

Scuffed League is our attempt to fix this. We want to give players an opportunity to show their skills in a (somewhat) steady team environment. We use SoloQ rank as a marker. We take the highest rated players from each state, put them on their state team, and let them compete against one another. Better players stay on, worse players are voted off. This allows for top-level players to cycle through and showcase their stuff.

The benefits are many:

  1. We get to see how young talent performs not just in SoloQ, but in a team environment.
    Large organizations can’t operate as quickly or make decisions lightly. When a player dominates SoloQ but it doesn’t translate well to a team, it’s a wasted investment. We give a platform to young players to show off their team skills.
  2. We get to discover more talent.
    10 professional teams isn’t enough, and no one gives a shit about academy because there are no stakes. State vs. State rivalry already exists, and inherently has stakes to it. Organizing by state teams gets both players and viewers invested, and gives us more opportunities to discover talent.
  3. We can find talent who perform well in a stage-like environment.
    Give players a stage to create pressure. We don’t just want to make it to worlds, we want to develop clutch players who excel under pressure.
  4. We get to develop the entire amateur scene which will grow into the professional scene.
    New production styles, new casters, new coaches, new analysts, new organizers, new content creators, and the list goes on. NA Lacks a scene: we’re here to help develop that scene.
  5. We do it on a shoestring budget, which means creating creatively.
    When you’ve got no $, the creators get innovative. We also get to make decisions with very little weight to them. This is going to help us develop a scene that not only reflects NA, but also shows how to do it without needing a giant corporate backing.
  6. The viewers get what they want: fiestas.
    Because at the heart of it, we don’t always want clean games, we want to watch good games.

Basically, Scuffed League was born out of desperation. NALCS hurts to watch, and we want it to be better. This is our way of contributing to that. We’re an experimental amateur league where we can learn a lot about, and contribute to, the NA LoL scene.


Our goal is entertainment, and viewer interaction/control.

  • Medium (silver-plat) level LoL, few Diamonds sprinkled in there.
  • Viewers from each state controlling all management aspects of their team: selection of players, coaches.
  • Entertaining games, probably some fiestas.
  • Scuffed broadcasts, focused mainly on entertainment and chat.
  • Viewer involvement: interviews, votes, broadcast decision-making.


Our goal is to create a place for amateurs to hone their skills before the big leagues.

  • Higher levels of play, completed teams (main team + scrim teams) consisting of Diamond+.
  • Viewers controlling upper management decisions (coaches and players, but less frequently), and larger broadcast/region decisions (changing on-air talent & content creators based on viewer preference).
  • Scouting grounds for professional organizations.

As more pieces fall into place, this will be updated to create a more robust description of where we see the path forward.

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