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September Tournament | Day 01 | Preview

8 teams participating in Day 01 of the Scuffed League September Tournament

On Friday night, Scuffed League is presenting to the League of Legends community what is affectionately called the “1st-Annual-Kick-Off-The-Winter-Let’s-Get-This-Shindig-Goin’-Do-We-Have-Enough-People” championship. For those new to the party, welcome to what can only be called the minor minor leagues of League of Legends! Volunteers come together to compete for the chance to claim the championship title for their chosen state.

Current rosters are decided based on rank and available slots, but future rosters will be decided through FATE — I’m kidding, we actually have a structured voting system in which those not playing for their state can raise their voice and be part of the action by voting available players in and, inevitably, out.

The first series of games in the elimination bracket will be streamed live on Twitch by our beautiful line-up of casters and observers on Friday September 18th at 8pm, 9pm, 10pm, and 11pm (EST).

Here is the breakdown for the first four games of the tournament!

Maine Crescendo vs. Virginia Vision

Friday @ 8pm EST

(blue side)

PositionSummonerRankW/R%Most Played
dflint4Silver Rank Icon49Darius, Galio, Kled, Urgot
Bliquer50Warwick, Rek’sai, Zac, Shyvana
Gimlasgod59Veigar, Orianna, Brand, Malzahar
Crazy Tofu999Platinum Rank Icon51Ashe, Jinx, Aphelios, Kog’Maw
420BearMan49Thresh, Bard, Nautilus, Leona

Player to Watch

Crazy Tofu999, ADC, Platinum 2

Crazy Tofu999, is also a Platinum 2 ADC with an above average win rate on all preferred champions. Although the numbers are not as insane as they have the potential to be, this ADC has a ton of games played on ADC (395 games when taking into account only the top four most played champions), making these win ratios far more impressive than most with higher percentages. With a Gold jungler to back him up, botlane is certainly going to be the lane to watch on Friday!

Potential Team Composition
Darius | Warwick | Veigar | Ashe | Thresh
If this team decides to play only their most played champions, we have a comp that offers consistent scaling with a huge AP threat and the constant lock-down of the enemy with Warwick ult, Ashe ult, Thresh hooks, and Veigar cages. Just as with Virginia, Maine has a huge amount of CC available, making it a rush to see who can land the first ability (and which team can communicate the best to allow the longest CC chain). 

(red side)

PositionSummonerRankW/R%Most Played
WheeZeeY53Kayn, Rammus, Jax, Sett
GleevecSilver Rank Icon51Nunu, Shaco, Olaf, Dr. Mundo
toofluteforyouSilver Rank Icon49Lux, Ahri, Morgana, Zyra
Firebeard49Varus, Miss Fortune, Jinx, Tristana
FortressDoor49Braum, Nautilus, Alistar, Leona

Player to Watch

Gleevec, Jungler, Silver 4

A last minute substitute has changed the dynamic of this team! Originally, 999 Sloshy (a Platinum ADC player) was meant to be in this champion spotlight, but they were substituted out for DonutPvp, who was then subbed out for Firebeard — which shifted the champion spotlight to Gleevec, the Silver 4 jungler for Virgina. A 63 percent w/r with nearly 80 games is not something I could ignore – Gleevec clearly loves their Nunu & Willump pick! The best part is the ability to secure the objectives; as long as Nunu is alive, no one is out-smiting his bite.

Potential Team Composition
Kayn? (Jax) | Nunu | Lux | Lulu? (Tristana) | Braum
Taking the highest played champions for each player in their chosen role, we have a strong top lane with active pressure in the midlane from a thick, snowball rolling jungler. Concern rises from mid and top, however – Lux can be almost ungankable with precise Qs, but she becomes an extremely squishy target if she’s not careful (especially against an enemy Nunu). Lux could get permanently locked down with a snowball into a Veigar cage into an early grave. The substitute for DonutPvp will make this botlane something entirely different (we were originally looking at an Ezreal scaling with a support Braum); I’m going to assume we will not see an on-hit Lulu (wouldn’t that be something!) so I’m going to go with the ADCs third pick, Tristana. With enough early picks from Nunu and the scaling inherent in all three lanes (and of course with the beefy front line peel from Braum) this team could quickly become unstoppable, especially with the easy repositioning available to Tristana and the slows, knockups, and big ults available to Nunu. The amount of CC in this team comp is something to be feared! 


As the rosters stand right now, Maine Crescendo is stacked for victory, making Virginia Vision the clear underdogs. Virginia is working with a few substitutes that require summoners to play on their third most played champions, giving Maine room to shine with more champion experience and knowledge. In the battle of CC lock, however, there is always room for an upset!

Georgia Divine vs. Pennsylvania Tempest

Friday @ 9pm EST

(blue side)

PositionSummonerRankW/R%Most Played
BizzlefashizleSilver Rank Icon53Dr. Mundo, Mordekaiser, Sett, Tryndamere
Marok51Master Yi, Volibear, Vi, Jarvan IV
Kyprus53Fizz, Lux, Caitlyn, Syndra
FersaltoPlatinum Rank Icon52Ashe, Caitlyn, Senna, Ezreal
Violet Sun Mage52Morgana, Lulu, Lux, Senna

Player to Watch

Feralto, ADC, Platinum 4

I hate to highlight ADCs three times in a row, but Feralto rises to the top in this team with a beautiful OP.GG line up. Although the percentages themselves are somewhat lackluster with fewer than 50 games played for most champions, the KDA numbers really stand out. It’s clear that this ADC knows when to leave the lane, group with the team, and make plays on the map. This could mean picks around dragon, or behind enemy lines in an invade. Feralto is watching their mini-map, so the Pennsylvania Tempests better watch out!

Honorable Mention
bizzlefashizle, Top, Silver 3

It would be impossible to continue forward without at least mentioning bizzlefashizle, the top laner for Georgia Divine. With a whopping 268 games played on Dr. Mundo, this top laner knows what they are doing. Unfortunately, the KDA leaves something to be desired – hopefully, with the challenge of the tournament and the support of their team, bizzlefashizle (I love typing this name) can leave the island that is top lane and get some kills with all the champion knowledge they possess.

Potential Team Composition
Dr. Mundo | Master Yi | Fizz | Ashe | Morgana
I like everything about this team composition, save the Master Yi pick. Although Master Yi works well into lower elo teams, Pennsylvania Tempest is composed of mostly diamond and platinum players, who will be more than capable of locking down an ulting Master Yi, delaying his items and causing him to fall behind. Of course, it’s always possible for a Master Yi to pick up the necessary kills and 1 v 9 carry a game, I just can’t imagine the Tempests allowing it (especially with Poppy/Taric peel and even Shaco box fears). I love a Fizz pick in the midlane for this team, given how difficult it would be for a typical midlaner to hit any skill shots with the slippery nature of this little blue yordle. Fizz also has a strong potential for roams and easy tower dives. Meanwhile, Ashe and Morgana in the bot lane can do just about anything and still be relevant, with binds and arrows serving to permanently lock down the enemy carries. All of this with the unkillable front line of a thick Dr. Mundo. If I was coaching this team, I would suggest a more reliable jungler (Volibear or Vi, even, their next two most played champions) to give this team more than just a coin flip chance at victory. 

(red side)

PositionSummonerRankW/R%Most Played
ConflicksPlatinum Rank Icon52Urgot, Malphite, Sion, Shen
DiamondEyeisGoldSilver Rank Icon55Taric, Poppy, Pyke, Sion
VoidhammerPlatinum Rank Icon50Vel’Koz, Sona, Lissandra, Poppy
Riyria0623Platinum Rank Icon50Kai’Sa, Ezreal, Vayne, Caitlyn
a blossomDiamond Rank Icon52Shaco, Thresh, Sona, Senna

Player to Watch

DiamondEyeisGold, Jungler, Silver 2

This was originally a highlight of xFrxg, a Diamond jungler that was substituted out for DiamondEyeisGold for this first game in the tournament. I wanted to highlight this jungler specifically because of the range of strange pocket picks we might see from this team. This summoner is clearly comfortable on a wide range of champions, with rather high winerates, making me wonder just what champion we will see in the jungle. I’m going to personally vote for a jungle Poppy, which will give the team what they need in terms of peel (which will not be supplied by the support) but you just never know in the heat of champion select.

Potential Team Composition
Urgot | Taric? (Poppy) | Vel’Koz | Kai’Sa | Shaco
This team comp makes me nervous, but not necessarily in a bad way. Urgot can get an early lead on Dr. Mundo with the range and mobility present in his kit. This is more than possible with an aggressive early game from Poppy (we are going to assume a Poppy pick over a Taric pick, but Taric jungle is perfectly possible!), if she chooses to focus on the top lane. In the midlane, Vel’Koz will have a hard time locking down Fizz, but with the right degree in geometry and a well-timed ult, it’s certainly possible. Bot lane is the most interesting to me, with a support Shaco placing boxes to protect a late-game Kai’Sa. The best part is that the fear generated from the Shaco box will proc Kai’sa’s passive and allow her to ult in on an unsuspecting enemy. Kai’sa also has percent max health damage that will help shred Dr. Mundo in long fights, as long as Poppy (or Taric, even) can peel for her. My nervousness comes from the inability for Shaco to peel without the activation of his boxes – meaning one Morgana bind into an Ashe ult will mean the end for Kai’Sa and a delay on her power spike. 


Looking solely at the rankings of the individual members of each team, it looks as though Pennsylvania has the clear advantage with a team of Platinum vs the average Gold of Georgia. That being said, if Georgia decided to trade out the Master Yi (or if Master Yi has the opportunity to get fed), the team composition for Georgia is the one I prefer. Ashe and Morgana are absolute lane bullies and the roam power of Fizz make the team well-rounded and full of potential. In this case, I’m rooting for the underdog!

Michigan Colossus vs. Indiana Umbral

Friday @ 10pm EST

(blue side)

PositionSummonerRankW/R%Most Played
VolpSmolekSilver Rank Icon42Senna, Blitzcrank, Garen, Tristana
JouzefChallenger Rank Icon55Olaf, Graves, Taliyah, Kindred
Kuf50LeBlanc, Yasuo, Fiora, Yummi
Dualist49Jinx, Ezreal, Yasuo, Ashe
Mistamacheesemo7Silver Rank Icon48Maokai, Malphite, Leona, Heimerdinger

Player to Watch

Jouzef, Jungler, Challenger 572LP

I would be remiss if I didn’t highlight the only Challenger player in these first four games of the tournament: Jouzef. Masters last season, this jungler has climbed into the elite rank of Challenger this season as a strong jungler, applying pressure to the entire map. Every champion they play sits at a comfortable 50 plus percent win rate, with some rates jumping over 70 (Not pictured: Lee Sin at a 76 percent w/r). I look forward to seeing this jungler in action!

Potential Team Composition
Senna | Olaf | LeBlanc | Jinx | Maokai
To consider the team compositions, I always take the most played champion for each player to see how a possible team comp will stack up. In this case, the top laner seems to prefer Senna when they queue up for ranked. Unfortunately, the top laner will become the weaker link if forced to play their third most played champion, Garen (this is with the assumption that they will not be playing Blitzcrank top – please don’t). Garen is a relatively safe pick into just about anything, with an easy kit and free healing via his passive, and I don’t think he will have too much trouble with a Gnar assuming he can avoid taking an excess of poke (especially if the Gnar goes PTA or Grasp). If the top laner does decide to go Senna, Gnar and Senna will be in a constant poke war with the opportunity for Senna to win, if she can avoid Mega-Gnar engage into stun lock. Senna will give this team infinite scaling, so if the game goes late and Olaf falls off and Jinx is full build, Senna can still get stronger and stronger with her collection of souls and potentially carry the team to victory. 

(red side)

PositionSummonerRankW/R%Most Played
FiciPlatinum Rank Icon50Gnar, Vayne, Urgot, Sylas
Eternal Hünters49Kled, Poppy, Lee Sin, Olaf
Feviknights meepPlatinum Rank Icon53Bard, Neeko, Ashe, Fiddlesticks
Eternal b53Vayne, Lucian, Kog’Maw, Caitlyn
BlueJay916Bronze Rank Icon58Soraka, Alistar, Nami, Morgana

Player to Watch

DiamondEyeisGFici, Top, Platinum 4

I wanted to highlight the top lane this time with Fici’s emphasis on ranged, poke-heavy champions. If Michigan does decide to change out their Senna pick into a melee champion, they will have a hard time playing against the constant poke and kiting available to a Gnar or a Vayne. Even if Senna is chosen, Vayne with an early lead will cut Senna down in the long lane, chasing her back to turret with constant procks of her W and PTA (or even grasp – tank Vayne, anyone?). I would be nervous coming against Fici in this Friday’s game – Michigan needs to watch out for this ranged bully!

Potential Team Composition
Gnar | Kled | Bard? (Neeko) | Vayne | Soraka
Although I have seen Kled jungler work in the occasional game (his ganking power post level six is rather insane), I don’t like the Kled pick into Olaf. Clear speed and early game power goes to Olaf, so unless Kled can invade early and catch Olaf clearing with low health (for the attack speed) and get a quick kill to put him behind, Kled will be in trouble. The lane I like the most in this comp is bot lane – with a competent Soraka, Vayne will be unkillable and will likely double kill post six if properly supported (and with the right angle to stun). Early game will be hard for Vayne due to her lack of range, but Soraka can keep her healthy and in a position to fight (assuming Olaf isn’t nearby). Post six, a party in the bot lane with Kled’s ult into Vayne’s ult will leave the Jinx and Maokai destroyed.

The best bet for this team is to focus on getting Vayne to her first two items and keeping both Jinx and Maokai out of the lane as much as possible so they can’t properly scale into late. Even though Vayne is a tank shredder, an armor stacking enemy might still prove to be a difficult opponent – so in comes Bard? Although an AP Bard can hit hard and his roam potential is off the charts, I much prefer the Neeko pick for this team because it gives the mid laner a chance to disengage from LeBlanc and even tank some of her damage (with ult and stopwatch). It can be argued, however, that Bard can also disengage with a proper stun into his own ult, which is a free stopwatch, but when he is released from his ult Bard becomes a sitting duck for a confident LeBlanc. Champ select is going to be very interesting for this game and I can’t wait to watch! 


With a challenger jungler in their back pocket, Michigan is getting my vote for “most likely to win.” Because of the nature of the role, the jungler will be able to exert pressure on all lanes, fight for control of objectives, invade the enemy jungler, and essentially snowball Michigan into an early victory. This is going to be a tough one for Indiana, but everyone loves a good underdog comeback story! I will be watching the bot lane, looking for any sort of lead Vayne can manage over Jinx; I honestly believe that is one of the strongest win conditions for Indiana.

Utah Forge vs. California 42

Friday @ 11pm EST

(blue side)

PositionSummonerRankW/R%Most Played
40KIQPlaysSilver Rank Icon46Mordekaiser, Sett, Darius, Ornn
CRITSAIPlatinum Rank Icon57Rek’Sai, Kayn, Lillia, Volibear
IOwnYou44Silver Rank Icon50Ryze, Qiyana, Ezreal, Zoe
Soxs48Miss Fortune, Aphelios, Kai’Sa, Senna
TriplegmanPlatinum Rank Icon76Thresh, Nautilus, Leona, Rakan

Player to Watch

Triplegman, Support, Platinum 4

The highest win rate for any individual in these first four games belongs to this summoner: Triplegman, the support for Utah Forge. Even though the champion pool has depth, the amount of games played leaves something to be desired; that said, they are rocking a 76 percent w/r with the most played champions skyrocketing into the mid to high 80s! I personally believe support is the most undervalued role, but the right support knows when to leave the bot lane and shadow mid, jungle, or even top to get early kills and help relieve pressure from other areas of the map. Assuming the ADC can stay safe while Triplegman is not in lane, Utah can comfortably depend on this summoner for consistent, timely assistance where (and when) they are needed.

Potential Team Composition
Mordekaiser | Rek’Sai | Ryze | Miss Fortune | Thresh
I will always support a Mordekaiser pick in the top lane. Assuming he is not pitted against a lane bully like Vayne, he will have an easy time CSing until 6, where he can destroy nearly anyone within his realm of shadows. Mordekaiser will also serve to slow down the power spikes of carries if they choose to build QSS to leave the realm alive. That being said, he might have a hard time ulting a Sivir if she times her spell shield correctly, and Hecarim will be able to hold his own with a powered up E and the long duration of his ult fear. Even Annie, with her Tibbers and passive stun, will not necessarily shy away from a Mordekaiser ult. In this case, I think a tanky Mordekaiser played merely to keep one person away from a team fight will be the best case scenario for this team. Meanwhile, a Thresh hook into a Ryze root into a Rek’Sai knock up into a Miss Fortune ult will spell doom for any enemy champion caught out of position. Miss Fortune will have to work hard to position herself correctly and manage a full charge of her ult to shred the enemy team and allow easy pickings for Ryze bounce and Rek’Sai ult. Early game tempo will be traded for a late game Ryze, unless Rek’Sai can focus the right lane and get the kills necessary to snowball. 

(red side)

PositionSummonerRankW/R%Most Played
Simply MattSilver Rank Icon50Hecarim, Kha’zix, Garen, Fiora
Reitsu96Diamond Rank Icon54Kayn, Shyvana, Kha’Zix, Dr. Mundo
LanfearPlatinum Rank Icon48Annie, Lux, Morgana, Karma
scdragonPlatinum Rank Icon54Sivir, Caitlyn, Kog’Maw, Ezreal
DaxelioDiamond Rank Icon54Sona, Mordekaiser, Senna, Lulu

Player to Watch

Reitsu96, Jungler, Diamond 4

This highlight is to look at the w/r and games played on Kayn, specifically. The w/r on Kha’Zix is also impressive, but with a fourth as many games (49 versus 219), it’s not nearly as clean as the consistent wins generated through Kayn. I really like red Kayn into the enemy’s team composition as determined by most played, but I would like to see Reitsu96 flex into blue Kayn if the enemy team is not careful (specifically, picking squishy/easy picking targets for the fast assassin). The ability to adapt to the game through champ select and even on the Rift makes me excited to see what Reitsu96 pulls out of his sleeve this Friday!

Potential Team Composition
Hecarim | Kayn | Annie | Sivir | Sona
I like this team composition, specifically because there are so many ways in which this team can start or disengage a fight, depending on how the game is playing out. Sivir can spell shield the thresh hooks, Sona can ult the initial engage, Annie can chain her ult off a good Sona ult, and the movement and attack speed from Sivir can be used to escape a bad situation… or finish off members of the enemy team that are running away. A Kayn or Hecarim getting sped up by two members of their team, and shielded/healed as they engage, will make both champions nothing less than raid bosses in their own right.

Utah will be looking to lock the most important member down in a Mordekaiser ult, but Hecarim, Annie, and Sona all have ults that can turn a team fight if used correctly – meaning Moredkaiser might come out of his ult with a dead and four people around him ready to Ace.


If it was not clear from the team composition discussions, I’m siding with California 42 for this game. Even just through rank alone they have a clear advantage, but I also like the champ pool for California’s summoners more than what Utah is bringing to the table. As always, the right team fight (or mis-position of an enemy) can easily turn the tides, so tune in Friday to see the game play out!

Prediction Summary (TLDR)

Game One (8pm EST)
Virginia Vision versus Maine Crescendo

Game Two (9pm EST)
Georgia Divine versus Pennsylvania Tempest

Game Three (10pm EST)
Michigan Colossus versus Indiana Umbral

Game Four (11pm EST)
Utah Forge versus California 42

Join us this Friday (September 18th) to watch the kick off of the tournament as these eight teams clash in a single elimination bracket for the rights to advance and the opportunity to claim victory for their state!

Power Rankings | Eastern Conference | Aug 2020

Power Rankings

Eastern Conference, Aug 2020

We’re one month away from the first Scuffed League tournament, and it’s time to see how the East is shaping up. We’ll take a look at each team, their highlight player, where they can improve, and what positions they need to round out their team. So without further ado, here are your pre-tournament Eastern Conference power rankings:

New York Haymakers

Rank #1

New York is the only team to have players at all positions. But this isn’t what makes them the strongest in the East — It’s their overall lineup. With Diamond players at the Mid and Jungle positions, and a solid botlane duo, this team is ready to take the Eastern Conference championship. Their squeaky Bronze wheel in the Top position will probably pick up the pace with guidance from their D3 Jungler, (Ððμbt) and D4 Mid (S7ormblade); we expect Goldknight to be more characteristic of his name by the end of the September Tournament.

If there’s a team to beat in the Eastern Conference, New York is it.

Positions to Improve: Top

Player to Watch

Ððμbt, Jungle, Diamond 3

A D3 jungler with 200 games (60% WR) on Yi and 166 games on Evelynn (54% WR) this season alone. A strong jungler controls the macro, and with Ððμbt running the map, New York is a force to be reckoned with.

Current Roster

As of Aug 17, 2020

Bronze Rank Icon Goldknight
Diamond Rank Icon Ððμbt
Diamond Rank Icon S7ormblade
Platinum Rank Icon steamingbath


Maryland Duelists

Rank #2

Maryland comes in as a strong #2, with 2 diamond players in the mid and support roles (Nirnay and Manwalrus), and a plat in the ADC spot (Mıllıe). With a solid botlane core, and bottom-half focus on the map, it seems that any additions to the top and jungle roles will make this team a strong competitor in the Eastern Conference.

Looking for: Top, Jungle.

Player to Watch

Nirnay, Mid, Diamond 2

A D2 out of the mid lane is a dangerous thing. If Nirnay dominates the lane, it’ll free him up to roam and give advantages to his teammates. We’ll see how teams try to contain Nirnay with P&B and mid focus from Jungle.

Current Roster

As of Aug 17, 2020

Diamond Rank Icon Nirnay
Platinum Rank Icon Mıllıe
Diamond Rank Icon Manwalrus

Pennsylvania Tempest

Rank #3

The Tempest have strong players spread across the map: a D2 Top (Mabud), Plat 2 Mid (weaponize 7), and D2 Support (a blossom). We’d place them higher, but with unknowns at the ADC and Jungle positions, we feel 3rd in the power rankings is the most accurate. We’ll see how they round out their lineup, because if they land some solid gold in their missing roster spots, we expect Pennsylvania to sit atop the Eastern Conference.

Looking for: Jungle, ADC.

Player to Watch

a blossom, Support, Diamond 2

Support Shaco?! a blossom has some seriously impressive stats, and a champion pool to boot. There’s no Pick & Ban that’ll stop this support from wreaking havoc across the map. We can only hope for a solid ADC partner to help a blossom show off their skills.

Current Roster

As of Aug 17, 2020

Diamond Rank Icon Mabud
Platinum Rank Icon weaponize 7
Diamond Rank Icon a blossom


New Jersey Hunt

Rank #4

New Jersey is filling out nicely. With Friedchicken27 being their “weakest” player (Gold 1, ADC), there’s not really anything bad to say about the Hunt — They’re solid, they’re going to tally some wins. Their only question mark would be that of who they pick up as a Support. But on the shoulders of their D2 Jungler (Dwomanibear), we think New Jersey will be fighting in the playoffs for a title come the end of the season.

Looking for: Support

Player to Watch

Dwomanibear, Jungle, Diamond 2

5 jungle champs, each with over 20 games played, a 3.05KDA+ on all of them, and only one with a losing WR% (Graves) — no team will be able to ban out Dwomanibear. Not to mention that they’re all meta pick junglers. If Dwomanibear does well, it’s hard to imagine that the New Jersey Hunt lose.

Current Roster

As of Aug 17, 2020

Platinum Rank Icon Peelz
Diamond Rank Icon Dwomanibear
Platinum Rank Icon notlimah216

Delaware Guard

Rank #5

Delaware has picked up some solid ground the past week. With a D3 Jungle (Summonersquid), Plat ADC (Bigv97), and Gold in the Top position (Dragon Prince), Delaware has a solid spread on the map. It’ll be tough for them to keep up with the top teams as of right now, but with a bit of recruiting, we see Delaware as a contender in the Eastern Conference. And with two Unranked Supports (Hiku, StrifesLightning) it could be Master-level play or… not — we won’t know until they hit the rift!

Looking for: Mid

Player to Watch

Summonersquid, Jungle, Diamond 3

A D3 Lee Sin main (over 800 games!) is going to be a blast to watch. If the team needs a playmaker, it looks like they’ve got one in Summonersquid; it’ll be fun to see what this Jungler can do on the rift!

Current Roster

As of Aug 17, 2020

Dragon Prince
Diamond Rank Icon Summonersquid
Unranked Rank Icon Hiku, StrifesLightning

Connecticut Chronobreaks

Rank #6

Connecticut has a squad. It may not be the most threatening, but they certainly have talent. Their bright spot is their Top laner (Fluoride), a D3 top who runs Tryndamere/Darius/Singed. We imagine that Connecticut is going to rely heavily on map pressure that Fluoride creates. They’re absent a Jungler, and a solid pickup in that position would most certainly give us a better idea of where we expect them to land in the Eastern Conference. But for now, we see them sitting at 6th.

Looking for: Jungle

Player to Watch

Fluoride, Top, Diamond 3

When it comes to wins, it’s not always about KDA. With Fluoride’s champ rotation, it looks like he’ll be able to create enough map pressure to free up space on the map for the Chronobreaks. We can’t wait to see how teams attempt to shut down this D3 Tryndamere main.

Current Roster

As of Aug 17, 2020

Diamond Rank Icon Fluoride
Silver Rank Icon theflyingyon
I am monky

Massachusetts Justice

Rank #7

Silver, Gold, and Plat — Oh my! We can’t foresee the Massachusetts Justice breaking the top half of the Eastern Conference, but only time will tell as they fill out their roster. They’ve got a solid botlane duo in Slayderrr and Bravø, and we’ll get to see how TheGanjaGremlin syncs up with them. Maybe this team is more about chemistry than ranking, but only time will tell. If they can grab a decent mid and top lane, knocking CT out of the top half doesn’t seem too farfetched!

Looking for: Top, Mid.

Player to Watch

Bravø, Support, Platinum 4

While doing a deep dive, we found that Bravø is quite well-rounded, playing not just support, but also Jungle and Mid in ranked solo. With a solid duo partner in Slayderrr, it looks like the Justice will focus bot-centric team — with Bravo at the helm of it. They say that iron sharpens iron, so we can’t wait to see what playmaking Bravo can pull off in this highly competitive botlane landscape that is the Eastern Conference.

Current Roster

As of Aug 17, 2020

Silver Rank Icon TheGanjaGremlin
Platinum Rank Icon Bravø


West Virginia Guerrillas

Rank #8

The Guerillas are shaping up to be a solid squad. That’s about it. Gold all around, Silver in the top, and depth at the Mid, Bot, and Support positions. We placed them lower than Massachusetts because of the edge the Justice have in the Bot lane, but only time will tell if we’re correct in that decision. If West Virginia can grab a Plat/Diamond Jungler, it could catapult them up the power rankings. For now, we track them at 8th.

Looking for: Jungle

Player to Watch

Drakana, Mid, Gold 3

Drakana has a solid rotation of champs with solid winrates and KDAs. All good things. We really need to see if Drakana holds up in a match against the upper teams in the Eastern Conference. But even then, there’s one major caveat — we might not even see Drakana on the starting team come tournament time! True Burst King is catching up and could take the starting spot!

Current Roster

As of Aug 17, 2020

Silver Rank Icon Clayx1

Maine Crescendo

Rank #9

Maine is looking like the weakest team, but it’s not due to their ranks, but their signup count. With a Gold Jungle (Bliquer) and Plat ADC (CrazyTofu999), they certainly have talent. But how will the rest of the team fill out? Maine is a giant question mark and that forces us to put them at 9th in the Eastern Conference power rankings.

Looking for: Top, Mid, Support(?).

Player to Watch

CrazyTofu999, ADC, Platinum 4

A strong champ rotation (Ashe, Jinx, Aphelios, Kog’Maw, Kaisa, and Vayne), and all of them with positive WR%. If Maine is going to make a mark in the Eastern Conference, it’s definitely going to be due to CrazyTofu999 making it happen.

Current Roster

As of Aug 17, 2020

Platinum Rank Icon CrazyTofu999
Unranked Rank Icon thick woody

Rhode Island, Vermont, and New Hampshire

For the last three teams in the Eastern Conference, we have no players/positions to analyze. So I put them in 10th, 11th, and 12th based on my state preference — I guess?

If you know anyone from these states who plays LoL, please send them Scuffed League and get them on the team!

Rank #10

Looking for: Top, Jungle, Mid, ADC, Support.

Rank #11

Looking for: Top, Jungle, Mid, ADC, Support.

Rank #12

Looking for: Top, Jungle, Mid, ADC, Support.

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