Rules & Code

For Players

One Week Before an Official Match:
Reach out to your team’s Manager and let them know whether you will be available or unavailable for the match. Also, let them know the chances (%) that you could be delayed/unavailable; this helps them find subs just in case you cannot make it and helps prevent your team from forfeiting.

As of now, most teams don’t have a manager, so attempt to stay in contact with your team and find yourself a sub in the event you cannot attend. If your team cannot field 5 players, you will forfeit — so please make sure you will be in attendance, or you contact your sub with ample time.

Before the Official Match:
Join your team’s voice chat (even if you need to mute) 15 minutes before match start time. At this point, you should confirm your attendance with your team’s In-game Leader (IGL); the IGL is basically your team’s shotcaller, highest ranked player, etc. This person will be the one actually doing the ProDraft. Teams can decide this person for themselves; if it is not decided upon, it shall be the responsibility of the highest ranked player to be the IGL.

10 minutes before the match, a Scuffed League Official will message the IGL on Discord, create the Tournament Draft Lobby, and invite you and your teammates to join; join your side and arrange yourselves in the correct order.
5 minutes before the match, a ProDraft lobby will be created, and both teams’ IGL’s (drafters) will join with the Pick & Ban Link; everyone else on both teams will join with the Spectator Link.

Note: at 5 minutes before the match, the starting lineups are considered FINALIZED; no changes or substitutions may be made. Work it out amongst yourselves as to who plays which position in the event that there is an error.

Match Procedures
Prerequisite: All 10 players are in BOTH the Tournament Draft Lobby and Prodraft Lobby.

1. At the time of the match, the Scuffed League Observer will ask the IGLs from both teams to click their ready-check buttons in ProDraft and begin the draft.
a. In the event that a team takes longer than 2 minutes to click their ready-check button and go into draft, the team not responding will forfeit the match.
b. If there is a technical issue having to do with ProDraft/ready-check, the IGL from the team having the technical issue will notify the Scuffed League Official on Discord immediately and the ProDraft Lobby will be remade.

2. The draft will proceed and complete in ProDraft.
For Picks & Bans: In the event that ProDraft bugs and a pick or ban is incorrect/does-not-go-through-correctly, the IGL from the team having the issue will message the Scuffed League Official IMMEDIATELY on Discord with the phrase “Stop” (quickest thing to type). If the opposing team selects a champion for ban before a message is received by the Scuffed League Official, the “error” is considered a valid pick/ban, and the draft shall continue. This also goes for “missing” a ban or “No Ban” selections.
If the stop comes through, draft will be remade up until the previous point-of-failure and then continue.

3. Once the final champion is selected in ProDraft on Red side, the game owner in the Tournament Draft Lobby will immediately commence the Tournament Draft Lobby and both teams will select their champions from ProDraft; We ask that both teams just choose “No Ban” during the Ban process to avoid accidentally banning out picked champions (and to make the overall process faster).
This entire process should be pretty quick as everyone already knows what champions they are picking.
In the event that someone picks a champion different from what was selected in ProDraft: the IGL from that team shall contact the Scuffed League Official on Discord immediately to let them know of the error and the Tournament Draft Lobby will be remade again so that the correct picks can go through. 
In the event that this happens a second time, the team making the errors will forfeit the match — Think of this as a 2 strike process for each team. Mistakes can happen, but twice is a no-go.
In the event that a team accidentally bans a champion that was picked from the other team in the lobby, the draft lobby will be remade and it will be considered a strike. If it happens a second time, the team banning champions from being picked will forfeit — This is why we’re asking you guys to pick “No Ban” in the LoL Tournament Draft Lobby.

4. Proceed into game — Good luck!

– We’d prefer it if you did not use /all chat; if you do, don’t be a dick.

/pause can be used for technical issues (someone disconnects, power goes out). In the event of a /pause, the IGL will message the Scuffed League Official on Discord immediately after the /pause has gone into effect. Each team has 10minutes of /pause time, and will be kept track of by a Scuffed League Official. If a player cannot make it back into the game within 10minutes, the team will either continue on 4v5 or will forfeit. The Scuffed League Official will give one warning to continue the game, and then issue a forfeit if the game is not re-commenced.
There are no rematches/rescheduling. If you’re afraid that a storm or wildfires will cause you to have issues with connection, give your spot away to the next player in line It is at your discretion to protect your team from being in a losing situation.

– There are no /ffs; play the game out and look for opportunities. If your team decides to /ff, the entire starting roster will be replaced.

After an Official Match:
– Please don’t be a dick in the post-game draft lobby. Really just limit yourselves to “gg” or just saying nothing. We’ll take appropriate measures in the event that someone is uncouth.
– The IGL of the winning team will do two things: take a screenshot of the results page, and download the replay of their game. They’ll then upload both to Scuffed League Uploads for highlights/cinematic creation; filenames aren’t important, we’ll take care of that.

Code of Conduct

Play as a team. Win as a team.
There are five players out on the rift. Each state functions as a unit, including support staff, substitutes, and fans. There are going to be a lot of different levels of play. Find the win condition for your team with your levels of play. If that means babysitting a lane, spending 5 bans on a Challenger player, or grouping as 5 to win even if doing a 4-1 split makes more sense as a higher elo — DO THAT! For people at higher elos, take the opportunity to teach and make your team better. This is a league built upon family and camaraderie. Singling out people and flame are unacceptable, even within teams. Respect is key. Work to get better.

Don’t rage, blame, or tear people down.
Toxic behavior is expressly prohibited. The league believes that encouraging community even amongst rivals is paramount. At the end of the day, this is an amateur operation and if even one member of Scuffed League goes on to participate in the professional scene, we consider it a success. With that in mind, no one deserves to be disrespected or attacked.

Never feed intentionally and don’t give up the fight.
Competitive integrity is of the utmost importance, even in a casual league. While it may be tempting to give up on what feels like a lost match all players should try their best. This includes when a team outmatches another. Know that some teams will dumpster others, and some teams will get dumpstered — it’s currently the nature of this league. Do you best, even if outmatched. And, as mentioned in the Protocols For Players, any team that decides to /ff a game will have all their starters replaced with the next person in line for their position.

Lead the way for newbies.
Our league has expressly committed to having a multitude of ranks and skill levels represented. Remember, we’re a little bit scuffed and this isn’t professional play. Everyone’s current skill level should be respected and, as mentioned before, better players are encouraged to help out newer ones if they have the capacity to do so. When the community gets better, we all do.

Drive constructive feedback.
Feedback is absolutely encouraged. There will always be room to improve and the league organizers recognize that. However, just like with the balance team there are proper and improper ways to express concern or advocate for improvements.
Great example: “Katerina used to be a fantastic pick because her skills give her high mobility in lane but, with the latest nerfs to Death Lotus, I don’t think she has strong enough presence in team fights to be viable.”
Bad example: “You suck on Kat, don’t play her.”

Build Relationships.
League tends to be a solitary game with players grinding solo-Q on their own. In our opinion, growth is best fomented when people work together. We envision Scuffed League as a team environment where league members can grow together, as players and as people.

Show humility in Victory and grace in Defeat.
Toxic behavior is expressly Competition is a beautiful thing but only when properly respected. There is honor in both victory and defeat but only when players are humble in either instance. Respect the game and your opponents by being graceful. Gloating in victory or pointing fingers in defeat takes away from your efforts.
In other words, don’t be a dick.

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