What are Signup Points?
Signup Points are points that teams earn get for getting people to sign up for Scuffed League. When a person joins Scuffed League via a State’s Signup Link, that state earns a point.

What are Signup Points used for?
Currently, we’re using them for the September Tournament. Teams with the most Signup Points will receive BYE slots for the 1st round of the tournament. As for what else we’ll use them for, it depends on how the league grows — We’ll play it by ear.

So, how exactly do Signup Points work?
When you post a link with a “#” and your state’s abreviation after it, and someone signs up, your state will receive a Signup Point.

Player from New Hampshire Example:
A player from New Hampshire posts the New Hampshire Signup Link (https://scuffedleague.com/#NH) in their friend’s Discord. 5 people click the link, 3 people sign up.

2 people from New Hampshire join = 2 Signup Points
1 person from Vermont joins = 1 Signup Point
Total = New Hampshire gains 3 Signup Points

So, it’s not points for building just your team, it’s points for building Scuffed League.

Also, again using the New Hampshire example, you can add the “#NH” to the end of any link:

Seriously, you’re gamifying sign ups?
We don’t have much choice. We’re not making it pay-to-win, but we are definitely giving advantages to people who help the league run. Recruiting others to join is paramount to getting this league get off the ground — And for that, we’re rewarding teams that help.

In the long-term, we’ll phase this out.

But for now, it’s absolutely crucial. So we’re asking you to please participate by sending out some links to Discords and friends.

State Signup Links

Current Signup Points Rankings

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